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voicescapes #001




voicescapes #002



This albums involves the recovery of human voice, with random poetry, and voice generators.

I used to write the lirycs for my band in the punk/new wave/after punk era.
They were strange lyrics, playing with language, surrealism,
associations, aliterations… I was even presented as a “young poet” at an official venue, around 1983.
I tried to follow different paths, as my father is a well known poet, and I preferred to open my own fields.
I kept writing in my 80s & 90s projects, until I got into electronic music, instrumental electronic music with no voice.
I’ve been working on this abstract electronic music since 1999, and I was missing the voice, words and their complex building of worlds and stories.
I’ve been trying to recover voice and text for my music for 5 years, and it’s been a difficult task.
Voice is so powerful, so vivid and full of content it can shadow any other music material.
Instead of just writing the lyrics and singing, or looking for a good singer, I started research on every language generative
process I could find, writing my own code in Processing and also trying some other tools.
Random text generators, remixing found texts, cutout and collage, all this intertwined with my own writing.
For the voices I tried text to speech software, real voice recordings and an interesting and subtle amount of processing.
I needed evocative voices that could melt with the electronic landscape.
All this journey has produced a varied amount of works, that I couldn’t just fit into an album.
So the project gives birth as the “Voicescapes” project, with Dr. One Voice as my writing alter ego.
This album, “Splendid tales of life and death” is the first in the series.
They will share a different aesthetics from my usual albums, inspired by the first jazz album covers
and the first computer art from the pioneers.

It wasn’t easy to find a place where this material would fit. After a long research, I resorted to
Petroglyph Music, as they had “spoken voice” in their manifesto, and some published albums that I
found could relate to this recordings. The mix of experimental genres, good ideas
and a high musical quality in all it’s releases made it the perfect place to be.
I want to thank Jørgensen & Martinsen for giving shelter to this project.
Voice will return and play inside the electronic landscapes.

Written by Jaime Munárriz

September 10, 2018 at 9:00 am

Posted in audio release, music

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