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In Love With The Moon: Klaus Schulze Birthday Tribute

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Aural Films is happy to present a special birthday tribute to Klaus Schulze who turns 71 today, August 4, 2018. Listen to 20 tracks by various artists from around the world who have been inspired by Klaus’s work since the Mid-1970s.
… Jaime Munarriz – KSchultze70s70

For anyone who wants to understand what the point of synthesizer/electronic music is (it is not about taking Viagra and Ecstasy whilst having your brain mashed by some toneless Thud-Thud shit), I direct you to this track by my friend from Facebook Jaime Munárriz. Note the otherwordly quality of the sound layering and the tones of Moogs, Mellotrons and good Lowpass filtering fed through stereo delay effects. This is music of the cerebral landscape-mindscape-dreamscape tonal variety perfectly encapsulated in just over 4 minutes.

Ian Craig

Written by Jaime Munárriz

September 10, 2018 at 8:51 am

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